Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Doggie Fairy

Here is a doll I made after finding some really cool doggie fabric at the fabric store. I like doing fairies.
I enjoyed trying a new technique for the wings. I learned a lot in the procees.
Here is an altered picture in black and white.

Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

She is a good witch! I am getting into the Halloween spirit. I made her to go on eBay to try to support my new fabric addiction!

I made the hat (and it was a little harder than I thought it would be). I think I need to work with a softer felt rather than craft felt from the craft store.

Here is the detail on the bodice. I think it came out great. I also made her a broom from a big twig/small branch I found in the yard.

Fall Art dolls

The Girls of Fall

I took the dolls into the local fabric store (they wanted to see them) and I sold the "Cher" doll to someone in line when I was checking out. LOL.

I am trying to do some different stuff with my dolls, I need to expand out, I am finding I have a very Patti Culea thing going (and she is one of my favorite doll artist.

I played with leaves I found at the craft store for one of the dolls. I need to work on my picture taking skills though.

New Breast Cancer Dolls

Here is my new breast cancer doll. She is on eBay. I love it that I can do this and make some money for a good cause.

I will post some of my other dolls too. I have some cool fall dolls I made. i will put those on next.

Art Stuff

Here is some of my polymer clay beads I have on eBay.

I have been cleaning out stuff in my art room trying to make some space so I can work on some new stuff.

I will post some of my dolls too. Just wanted to document some of my work. I haven't been doing a good job of that. Can't wait to go see my SIL so I can do some work with my paper and collage and scrapbooking.