Saturday, January 26, 2008


i have been spending a lot of time in my journal lately. reflecting, drawing (although i am not very good at it), trying to stretch myself artisticly. that was one of my goals this year, to not be afraid to do art, but to just do it. sometimes i am happy with what i do, sometimes i am greatly dissapointed, but at least i am trying, and the more i try the better i will get.

i got the newest issue of Artful Blogging yesterday in the mail.

can i tell you how much i love this mag? it is like my desert, my eye candy, my guilty little pleasure. i devour every page, every word, every picture. it takes me weeks to visit every blog and read back through the posts, linking my favorite ones to my blog so i can keep up with that artist. if you don't get it i highly recommend it. it is one of the few mags i have a subscription with (hubby got it for me for christmas). i will write more later, just wanted to drop in and update and share!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

new polymer clay stuff on ETSY

just wanted to share some of my new polymer clay creations that i listed on etsy. it has been a while since i put up anything new, and i hope to add some valentine jewelry and beads and some art dolls soon. keep creating! peace and artistic endeavors to all!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

finally, my muse has reappeared!

i finally feel like i am back in the groove again. as some of you know, i am on the design team for the shabby cottage studiosand this month we had a challenge to create with her beautiful valentine collage sheets. i decided to go back to my roots, and do a polymer clay piece with my images. so, i pulled out the liquid clay, the photo paper, the laser printer, and the big ole tile and whipped up some yummy valentine jewelry. i am really happy with how these turned out. hopefully i will have some of the tiles up for sale and maybe some of the jewelry. i really like the vintage look on the tiles. i think gail's collage sheets are just beautiful. i really enjoyed this challenge. please let me know what you think about these creations. hope everyone is doing well and i hope your muse has found it's way back to you now that the holidays are over! peace, love and creativity to you all!

Find more photos like this on Shabby Cottage Studio Design Team

Monday, January 14, 2008

where have i been?

wow, i am having a tough time getting back into the routine now that the holidays are done. i miss bloggin! i miss my on-line friends. time to get rolling again. i have lots of beads and things i have made but not posted. i have challenges i need to submit for, a design team project that needs to be finish, and a doll round robin that i need to send my first piece off for. yish, i better get moving! i have also started working out and eating right. this is my year folks, and i am publicly announcing it so you guys can keep me honest and on track. i joing The Biggest Loser on line. this way i can track my meals, what i eat in a day, customize a workout plan and weigh in once a week. the best part is the community boards, where you can find one that fits your life and join and have a whole group of people going through the same thing you are going through. i will post my Losing CD blog for anyone that wants to follow that journey, or wants to go on a weight loss journey with me. i will get pictures up of new art stuff soon. gotta finish my projects first. i will get better at staying in touch!