Monday, November 12, 2007

new stuff on etsy

ok, i took the plunge and put some of my polymer clay beads on Etsy. Hope you guys will check it out and give me feedback about pricing and quality of pictures. Here are some of the pictures of what I have in my store. Click on my Etsy store link underneath my blog banner to go visit and give me some feedback. Thanks guys! I appreciate you guys taking the time to help me out on this endeavor!


Kristin said...

I like the purple spirally beads, but the picture is a bit fuzzy when enlarged. You might try to sharpen it gently or resize it to a smaller image size if you have any photo-editing software.

Lisa said...

Your beads are gorgeous and your prices are fair...maybe even a bit low! :)

I'm from WV, too. My brother lives in Charleston. He plays with the Southern Mix Band.

c-dizzle said...

thank you ladies for your comments! ohhh, another WV connection. you will have to let me know when you are going to be in town and we will have to go for coffee!