Friday, November 16, 2007

trips, goodies and gas prices

i had to travel this week, and when i do i like to scout out new antique stores and visit old favorites. this is one of the many advantages of having to travel the state for my job! first, lets talk about gas prices. i have one thing to say about the current cost of gas.................ARGGGGGGGGG!!!!!

Enough said on that topic.

moving on to better things. i went up toward morgantown, west virginia. think WVU. i have been elected to the board of directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Central West Virginia and i am so excited about this! what a wonderful organization. i have to stay the night when i attend a board meeting, so this gives me the opportunity to prowl for goodies for my altered art and jewlery making! and did i ever hit the jack pot this week!

i have a few favorite places i like to visit when i travel that way. one is Sisters Antique Mall at exit 69 (i think that is the exit number) off of 79 in Flatwoods, West Virginia. i can spend hours in there! this is about the half way point on the way to Fairmont, West Virginia so it is a great place to stop, stretch and search for treasure.

when i arrived in Fairmont, i saw a new sign that said Fairmont Avenue Antiques. ohhhhhh, a new place to check out! i was so excited. so, i went. and am i ever glad i did! i meet the nicest person there, and guess what, she designs her own wall paper! i have never met anyone who does that, and i saw some of her work and those of use who do altered art would just die to have some of her scraps! maybe she will start selling us some!

it was a lovely shop, with room after room of delightful goodies. i spent so much time in there! i found some wonderful items, some really old LIFE mags from the early 1930's, a new mag i had never seen before from the 1930's, an old doll in the nina bagley style. i found old buttons, wooden pegs, milk bottle caps, and tons of other stuff. this is now one of my favorite stores and on my "go back to list"! here are some pictures of this awesome store for you viewing pleasure!

i have unloaded the car, and now i need to unpack my finds, put them away, and maybe take some pictures of my favorite finds to post! the biggest thing i have found is that when i get these things, many times i don't need all of it. so i was thinking about putting together some kits or packages with some of these finds on my Etsy site for others to buy. what do you think about that? would you leave a comment if you think that is a good idea?

ok, i am off to play with my new toys! i am leaving tomorrow for our annual thanksgiving trip to oklahoma. this will open up a whole new search for goodies and treats! i can't wait to see what treasures i can find in another state! my hubby is going to see a football game, and he spent $200.00 on his ticket alone! so, because i did not want to go, i get the same amount to spend in the art stores, bead stores and antique stores! so watch out oklahoma, here i come!


gatemm said...

It was really great to meet you. Thank you for your nice words and pics of the store! I'll be glad to send you some wallpaper scraps. email your address and i'll have it waiting for you by the time you get back from OK. i gave you my url, didn't I?
Have a safe trip and fun Thanksgiving - Alice

c-dizzle said...

you are welcome Alice! i had so much fun meeting you! i mean it, i am back up that way december 12th and 13th so we need to hook up and go to the book and bean and have coffee and talk art and antiques and wall paper! can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Kathy the owner of Fairmont Avenue Antiques. I was very pleased when Alice mentioned you and your blog page and that we would receive a line or two on the shop. Well, I just reviewed your site and I love it. I am thrilled that you gave so much attention to our shop and more so that you were very pleased with your shopping experience with us. We try hard to please and attempt to carry varied and iteresting items that are either antique or collectible. Thanks for everything and I look forward to meeting you in person. Happy Thanksgiving.

c-dizzle said...

I will be back up in December (around the 12th). I just love your store! Definately one of my favorites! I am glad you like my site. No problem placing information about your store on my blog. I love to share great finds with people! Keep in touch!