Wednesday, October 24, 2007

better today

yesterday i did manage to get my report done, get my daughter to her soccer game, and get some other work done. did i get all of my unfinished things done? no. do i feel better about stuff today. it is still raining, and i love it. i have been looking through teesha moore's zine called "play". i ordered some back issues, and i did snuggle down and lose myself in this incredible zine. oh my, just what I needed to get over myself. i have been afraid to start the collage process in my journal, but now, i see you just have to do it. thanks teesha for the inspiration and support you offer in your zine. for those of us that tend to freeze up because we are afraid that we won't "do it right" your zine is just what we need. you need to go to Zettiology and explore. when i ordered the back issues of play, she also sent me some great unmounted rubber stamps. oh i can't wait to play! i will need to order more. well, i have some work to do, but then i may finish the studio. the kids get out of school early today, so i will not have much time to get my work done, so i better start now. i do find that writting in my blog is like therapy. if i start my day, or finish my day by writting, then i seem to do better.

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