Tuesday, October 23, 2007

things half done

i don't want to work today. it is rainey and overcast and i should be wrapped in a blanket with a cup of tea looking through art zines and playing in my journal. i don't want to write reports, research grants or create invoices for the work i have done. i want to crawl into my studio and play with paints and ink and write in my journal with the iPod playing cool jazz music in the background.

i don't want to finish all of the half done things. the studio is so close to being done, but i can't seem to find the motivation to finish the last box of "other" stuff, the little stuff that doesn't really seem to fit into any category. i don't want to finish the last bit of work that would clean out several projects. i don't want to put away the folded clothes sitting on the bench in my room. i don't want to input the receipts that would update my book keeping. i don't want to read the last few chapters that would finish the book i am reading. what is wrong with me? i am so close to finishing so many things, and i want to finish them, but not today. today i want to curl up and watch movies, surf the internet and visit art sites and catch up on the art blogs i haven't been able to read in forever. i want to order pizza and not make dinner. i don't want to take the kids to the soccer game and pick them up. i would rather take a long hot bath and eat chocolate.

maybe it is the weather, maybe it is the traveling i have done, maybe i am just lazy, but i want to stay home and not move from the sofa. the perfect day, snuggled down under a quilt, drinking tea, watching scarey movies and surfing the net (and eating chocolate, can't forget the chocolate).

i am not complaining, not really, i have to do the one report, and i have to spend some more time on the grant research, and i have to take the kids to the soccer game (they really want to support the varsity team at the sectional championship game and they should). so no snuggling down, no scarey movies, no tea, no surfing the internet, no playing with the photoshop software today. but there is always tomorrow!

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