Friday, October 26, 2007

more altered photos, trip to the beach


when i think of the ocean, this is what my mind's eye brings forward. the colors, the motion, the total vastness of the sea. it makes me feel small, and larger than life all at the same time. when i am there, all of life's problems seem small, everything seems possible. this is as close to meditation as i get, the only time my mind clears itself from all of the daily clutter. i can become totally involved in searching the sand for shells, sharks teeth, sea glass. my world narrows down to the three feet in front of me, i see every detail of the sand, i become one with the textures, the ripples of the waves as they wash up on shore. the beach is my sanctuary, the place where i feel closest to God, the place where i belong.

i have to admit, i am new to taking pictures, new to the Photoshop program i am using. and, i often go to Nina Bagley's blog for inspiration on how to look at the world through an artists eye.

I was totally blow away by the clouds durning one particular sunset during this trip to the sea. I desperately wanted to catch the beauty, the the awesomeness, the complete "largeness" of the clouds rolling across the dunes, threatening stormy weather, weather that never came, that past us up, went south, so we could enjoy the sunset without the storm.

the last photos i will share today come from the moon rising over the ocean. it was amazing watching the sun set over the dunes and the moon rise over the sea. my friend and i agreed that it was one of the most awe inspiring, magnificent evenings of our lives. art imitates life, and life can be so sweet and touching and beautiful that it can make you cry just at the shear overwhelming beauty of it.


violette said...

Wow! These really are stunning photos!

Love, Violette

c-dizzle said...

Oh Violette, you don't know how much your kind words mean to me. When someone you admire says something nice about your work, and takes the time to put it into the written word for all to see, well, that just means the world to me. Thanks so much!