Friday, October 26, 2007

The List of 100 Things To Do

i saw a link to this in my sister-in-law's blog, and thought, what the heck, i will give it a try. if you are interested in this, go here to life's lists and give it a shot. it is a very interesting exercise and really causes you to think. so here is mine. And I am tagging anyone brave enough to do this! Put a link up so I can see yours too!

100 things to do...........

1. go to ireland
2. go to australia/new zealand
3. cruise alaska
4. see the cliffs of maine and oregon
5. see the grand canyon
6. have my art published
7. write my book
8. present as keynote speaker at one national conference
9. raise my children to be happy
10. to have a healthy relationship with my mother
11. meet my nephew
12. to be closer to my siblings
13. to learn how to take great photos
14. to take voice lessons
15. to make my husband smile everyday
16. to have a pet that my husband and i both love
17. to lose 75 pounds
18. to do the AVON 3 day breast cancer walk/run
19. to learn to read music
20. to learn how to play the guitar
21. to go an artist retreat
22. host a woman's retreat
23. to live at the beach
24. learn how to like housekeeping
25. learn how to ride a horse
26. take cooking classes
27. learn how to meditate
28. take yoga classes and stick with it
29. dance in a competition with my husband
30. take my daughter to italy before venice sinks
31. snorkle the great barrier reef
32. find the church to belong to
33. sing in the choir again
34. learn to spell without spell check
35. serve on a board for an organization that truely makes a difference
36. create a scholarship fund to send a single mom to college
37. make jewelry out of sea glass i find at the beaches i visit
38. grow a garden and eat what i grow
39. grow flowers and not kill them
40. be in a book club
41. volunteer at an animal shelter
42. work on a habitat for humanity house
43. decorate for christmas
44. get a hot stone massage
45. clean a river or stream
46. try snow skiing
47. keep a journal and work in it everyday
48. make handmade cards and send them often
49. keep my blog up to date and link it to others that i admire
50. chase a tornado
51. sketch in my journal frequently
52. run for public office
53. volunteer to be a big sister
54. be able to run 5 miles
55. find out my natural hair color and wear it proudly (gray and all)
56. save for retirement
57. be completely debt free
58. learn to make stained glass like my dad
59. learn calligraphy and use it
60. look through a really good telescope at the night sky
61. be the mother my children deserve
62. be the wife my husband deserves
63. to be able to look in the mirror and not critize myself
64. go on a trip with my best female friends
65. make amends to the people i have hurt on my journey to self-acceptance
66. to stop worrying so much about stuff i can't control
67. refinsh an antique piece of furniture
68. be the "really cool aunt" that the nieces and nephews want to come and spend a week with every summer
69. get my nose pierced
70. alter and wear my own clothes.....proudly
71. fill up my iPod with all kinds of music and books
72. write music again and record it
73. write down the toosie bear stories my grandmother and mother told
74. be able to be in the same room with my ex without it damaging me
75. own a really cool car that i bought myself
76. be a grandmother (a wonderful grandmother)
77. be a great grandmother
78. learn to suba dive
79. swim with dolphins
80. never to smoke again for any reason whatsoever
81. study other religons
82. sew a quilt by hand that can be handed down to my kids
83. organize and date all photos
84. wear a two piece swim suit with confidence
85. forgive myself for the mistakes i have made and move forward
86. learn to can veggies
87. learn to bake homemade bread that taste like my step mom's
88. get another tattoo
89. sleep on a beach and watch the sun rise with my husband
90. road trip cross country with my husband (preferably in a camper, one of the big one's that is popular among the retired crowd)
91. develop a sixth sense
92. do something scarey like parasailing, zip line in the jungle or driving a race car at over 100 miles per hour
93. get a tummy tuck to get rid of the ugly stuff left behind from all of the abdominal surgeries
94. learn to draw and paint
95. declutter my house and get rid of stuff that no longer serves a purpose
96. take golf lessons
97. sing in a band
98. see the mediteranian sea and greece
99. fly in a jet or a two seater plane or a hot air balloon
100. learn to live in the moment

these are in no particular order. like i said, this was a fun exercise and i learned a lot about myself. i will update when i can cross one off of the list.

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